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Why LTX Match?

Whether above or below the line, our unique smart tech platform does the work for both Latino Talent and Employers by matching Access to Opportunity. We match an employer’s needs to the most qualified Latino talent pool of professionals in the entertainment, media, and technology industry.

Latino Talent

Access customized job prospects in Entertainment, Tech, Media and Advocacy fueled by an empowering and supportive community of experts.


Access a diverse, highly qualified Latino Talent pool contributing emerging and cultural shifting perspectives and skills.


Gain access to a diverse, highly qualified Latino Talent pool bringing new perspectives, skills and cultural backgrounds.

Our Story

Created to mend the broken bridge between “I can’t find Latino Talent” on one side and “No one gives me an opportunity” on the other.

The Problem

We are 19% of the US population with a combined US GDP of $2.8T, yet Latino workforce representation in Hollywood is <12% and <7% in tech.

The Problem

Curtains have been pulled back at the dire situation for all our latinos in hollywood.

Our Solution

La Collab + LTX Connect joining forces to harness the power of data, tech and community to create change.

The Goal

By 2030, 78% of the new workforce will identify as Latino (Dept of Labor). It is an economic imperative to 2x the representation in Hollywood by 2030.

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